Long Line

In our Vaughan family, the long line is farming. It started in America when Matthew Vaughan came from Wales, They lived in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. They were Quakers. In 1803, James and Matthew moved to Columbiana County, Ohio. Then in 1839 they moved to Morrow County, Ohio. James farmed both places and his sons farmed. Lindlay bought the farm next to the family farm and continued to farm there. Joseph took over the family farm. He sold the farm in the erly 1890’s after his wife died and he then moved to Morgan County, Ohio. His son, Arthur did not like farming in the hills so when he married they moved back to Morrow County and eventually bought the home farm back. Arthur’s only son, James Leroy, took over the farm and added to the acres afrer his father died. When my father became ill, my sister, EdDith Louise, came home withher husband and took over the farm. Their son, James Arthur, now has the farm and is farming it and many other rented acres. THe milk cows came when Arthur came back to Morrow County. The Jerseys were here until 2003 and now the farm has transitioned to beef cattle.

Favorite Pictures

My favorite picture is awol at the moment but I will descibe it. My daughter Allegra was about 6 months old when her great Aunt Francis came to visit. The picture is of them looking into each other’s eyes. It was instant love. From then on if Francis was near Allegra was there. Francis was the last daughter of AL and Edith Vaughan. She was eight years older than my dad. She was married to L. Arthur Denton and they lived in Columbus. They never had children. Unfortunately Aunt Fran passed away on Allegra’s 16th birthday.

New Starts

Writing this blog is a new start for me, but I think I will talk about the new start that my great grandfather had. Joseph Vaughan was the son of James and Rhoda Cobbs Vaughan. He the youngest of the four of their children. He married Anna Hollingsworth and he continued living and working at the family farm until the death of his wife in 1891. I’m told he could not stand living on the farm anymore. He had 4 children and all but one had married and moved away. The youngest son was my grandfather Arthur Lee Vaughan. Joseph sold the farm and moved to Morgan County. He then married Martha Milhous ( a cousin of Richard Nixon) . Arthur went to Barnsville School a Quaker boarding school. Arthur wanted to farm and hated farming in the hills of Morgan County.He married Edith Holcomb and they moved to Morrow county and bought a farm on US 42 to start with then when the home farm became available he bought it. It is still in the family today.